About the Company

Transport enterprise of the city of Zilina, Ltd. (DPMŽ - Slovak abbreviation) is a company which provides urban transport in town Zilina and its surroundings. The city of Zilina has about 85 thousands inhabitants and it is also the centre of the University of Zilina.

The new operation started on November 1st, 1993 (see more about history). The enterprise has a trade form of a limited liability company. Zilina`s municipality shares 100%. Characteristics of DPMZ are: utilization of modern diagnostic methods, electronic tickets known as smart cards, voice and sound communication serving blind and dim sighted people in and outside the vehicle, and controlling by on-board computers.DPMZ

The operation of urban transport is covered by trolleybuses and diesel buses, which operate on 8 trolleybus lines and 11 bus lines. Nowadays the company has 260 employees (as per February 1, 2021). Our fleet consists of 44 trolleybuses and 42 buses. Our daily performance is:

Working day T-Bus 6 115 km
  A-Bus 5 958 km
Weekend T-Bus 3 580 km
  A-Bus 2 684 km

DPMŽ is one of the providers which provide transport also to KIA motors Slovakia factories in Teplička nad Váhom. This connection is provided by bus lines No. 25 and 35.

Another kind of business is coach transport. DPMŽ also has coach buses by which we are able to offer to customers comfortable international or domestic transport according to customers wishes.

DPMŽ runs two places of business which are 3,5 km away from each other: administration, trolley-bus parking area and shops are situated on Kvacalova Street, bus parking area and pertinent shops are situated on Kosicka Street. There are 2 sales points selling tickets and recharging smart cards in the downtown of Zilina. There are also 45 ticket machines located at the bus stops all over the city. All of them provide tickets for more than one fare zone. More information about fare system see below in the Guide for city transport in Zilina.


New connections search at mybus.dpmz.skNew e-shop comming soon.